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Workplace EV Chargers Installers

Workplace EV Chargers

As the popularity of electric company cars continues to increase due to attractive tax bills and growing vehicle options, it is important for workplaces to start thinking about introducing charging stations for their employees to use during the day.

Installing electric vehicle charging points at the workplace is not only beneficial for employers and employees, but also the larger community by reducing emissions from car journeys.

Rather than having to drive around looking for an available charging point, it’s much more convenient to be able to simply plug in your electric vehicle when you get to work.

Here are some things to consider if you are thinking of installing EV charging stations at your workplace.

How many charge points do you need?

Depending on the size of your workplace and the number of staff using electric vehicles, you may need to include multiple charging points.

Multiple elements must be taken into consideration while making a decision on number of charging points, such as the number of electric cars operated, types of chargers needed, number of parking bays available and the allotted budget for installation.

It’s also important to plan for the future, when more charge points may be needed as the number of staff using electric vehicles increases.

What speed charge points do you need?

The fastest charge points aren’t always the best, or necessary, for workplaces. First, companies need to assess what power is available to them, as rapid chargers will require a significant amount more power than slower and smaller chargers.

The speed of charge points largely depends on the number and types of vehicles used, and how frequently they are used. For example, if a vehicle will be stationary for the most of the day, then lower cost slower chargers would be sufficient.

Chargers can also be installed that provide ‘load balancing’ which can help to regulate usage and manage demand. This adds greater flexibility and can by customising your preferences, can allocate power between multiple chargers in order to guarantee that vehicles get charged based on priority.

Where should the charge points be located?

The location of the charge points is essential for their convenience and use. It can be advantageous to install them in a central or visible area, as this allows staff to easily access the charging point without having to spend time searching.

This is particularly important if there are multiple vehicles needing to be charged at once, as it allows everyone to access the charger efficiently and quickly. Having chargers in a prominent places can also help to display the workplace’s sustainability credentials.

The location of the site’s power supply also must be considered, the closer to it that the charge points are, the less digging that needs to be carried out and thus the lower the cost of installation.

After installation, charging bays need eye-level signs indicating what they are and who they are for, alongside bay markings on the ground.

Workplace EV Chargers Installers

Point Electrical understand that no two businesses are the same, and so provide personalised charging hardware, software, and services tailored to fit your exact needs.

Our modular electric vehicle charging solutions are designed to adapt and expand with your business. From initial conception to installation and management, our team of knowledgeable experts will be there every step of the way to assist you.

With us by your side, you’ll have access to all the resources necessary for a successful charging system today and well into the future.

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In the hands of Point Electrical, it’s as simple as that. One of our highly qualified and friendly team can get you started, or just set you on the right track with some advice. Contact us today for more information, read more about our commercial EV chargers for the workplace.

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