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Lighting control systems can be very simple or complex, depending on what you want to achieve. Light switches have been the staple for years, but as technology has advanced, Point Electrical have developed new systems that give you more control over the lighting in your property.

Lighting Control Systems

A lighting control system is used to maximise performance and minimise cost. You can measure and control light levels in a room easily, reducing or shutting off lights when they’re not not needed or want to create a specific atmosphere or mood.

This is especially useful in properties where lights are often left on when not needed – or have to be on at specific times and keeping someone around to switch them off isn’t possible. Timers and sensors can be used to great effect, as can remote control options, like apps.

Bespoke Lighting Design

When designing lighting, you want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. It’s a great way to make a subtle impression and bring the right atmosphere to a space. There’s no better way to do this than with bespoke lighting systems that capture your vision perfectly.

There are plenty of styles and design options to choose from. The sheer number can be overwhelming but it also means you can find the right solution for your property.

While you can choose from existing light options and systems, such as common lighting fixtures like luminaires, spotlights and more, bespoke lighting systems will make a much better impact on everyone who enters the property.

Energy-saving Lighting Systems

Lighting is an area where businesses can really save money, whether you’re investing in bespoke lighting systems or upgrading existing infrastructure. This is done in one of two ways:

Lights are used a lot. Unless there’s a lot of natural light entering a commercial property, lights will often be switched on to make sure employees and customers can see where they’re going and what they’re doing. When winter arrives and there’s less daylight, this happens even more.

To mitigate this, energy-saving lights that work with bespoke light systems can make a huge difference. The light levels are kept consistent and you’ll spend less compared to other lights over the time they’re in use.

Lighting Automation

Leaving lights on when they don’t need to be is one of the biggest culprits that add to your energy bills. Rather than trying to remind everyone to switch lights off when they’re not needed, bespoke lighting systems can make use of automation functions to save energy.

Whether through a sensor or a timer, there are ways to make sure lights will switch off when they’re not needed – and even switch on automatically!

Controlling Lighting Systems

There are plenty of ways to control bespoke lighting systems. You can opt for traditional light switches, timers and passive infrared (PIR) sensors to control your lighting – and all have their uses and benefits.

Switches are a staple of lighting, and they can be wired up to control different lights or areas, allowing you to create the right atmosphere. Timers let you control when lights should be on or off but PIR sensors react to people in the room and what activates the lights accordingly, making them a great way to reduce energy use and save you money.

Lighting control systems for offices

Lighting control systems for offices often deal with larger spaces with multiple lights. Rather than increase the number of switches, which can be confusing and forgotten, it’s worth investing in other options.

Timers can be used to ensure lights are active at certain times – important if lights have to be left on for a period after everyone has left for the day – however a more useful option is sensors. These can be motion sensors or PIR (passive infrared) sensors, which detect heat signatures and respond accordingly – activating lights when people are present.

This means lights aren’t used when they’re not needed, reducing energy consumption and lowering bills while extending the life of each light fixture.

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