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Point Electrical manages projects where switchgear needs to be installed, maintained or upgraded as necessary, and ensures work is done quickly and with as little disruption possible.

Project Management

Switchgear is a complex part of electrical circuits and systems and without the right pieces, you may see disruptions with your power supply. Surges are also an option, and this could be harmful to both people and devices.

Updating switchgear involves a lot of steps to isolate parts of the power supply, and this can also be disruptive to businesses who rely on equipment to carry out tasks regularly.

A project manager can plan for these disruptions, ensuring only certain parts of the building are affected and so not all operations need to stop.

With our experience of electrical components and needs, we can work with you to get the switchgear upgrades completed as quickly as possible. Contact the team at Point Electrical today to see how we can help.

We supply a wide range of High Voltage and Low Voltage switchgear from all manufacturers to suit customer’s requirements.

Upgrading and Adding Switchgear

When a customer needs new switchgear, we would oversee an analysis of what needs to be done to meet their requirements. This could be upgrading existing components for better results or adding new pieces to better control the power supply.

It could be needed to account for increasing equipment and demand on the power supply, repairing damage or as part of extensive property works, such as expansions.

When part of a bigger job being undertaken, we will work with the people carrying out the project to ensure power distribution units are installed at the right times without hampering other parts of the work.

The Benefits of Well Maintained Switchgear

Switchgear is used to control the electricity supply in a property, ensuring it provides power to the areas and equipment needed. This is done through switches, fuses and circuit breakers, so devices can be activated, switched off, isolated and protected as required.

Larger buildings, understandably need more planning to ensure the power supply flows properly, this is an essential part of keeping systems efficient and in working order.

Project Management and Assisting Companies

The team at Point Electrical act as project managers for tasks involving switchgear. We work with manufacturers who build, install and upgrade the components while we ensure the work is carried out safely and in the right time frame.

This work is carried out by trusted associates, so we know the quality of the switchgear and the staff involved.


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