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Data Centres

At Point Electrical we know just how critical well-functioning data centres are to the smooth running of business applications. Our-highly qualified electrical contractors have knowledge of critical infrastructure and are experts at providing the reliable and efficient data centre installation and maintenance services your business can depend on.

Data Centres Installation

We have extensive experience working within data centres to install and maintain key, critical infrastructures. We understand the importance of uptime and reliability, and our team of qualified engineers are on hand 24/7 to ensure that your data centre is running smoothly.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, from installation and commissioning to ongoing maintenance and support. Whether you’re setting up a new data centre or upgrading your existing infrastructure, we can provide the expertise you need to ensure that your data centre is running at peak efficiency.

As part of our commitment to delivering high-quality service to our clients, we appreciate and understand the need to mitigate risk as well as the requirement to work to each client’s bespoke standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Whether you’re looking to set up large-scale data centres from scratch, or you’re an SME looking for a reliable contractor to carry out a systems service on your IT infrastructure, you’re guaranteed a high-quality, professional service you can depend on.

Future-Proof Your Business For Expansions

As your business expands and grows, you will need to consider how your data centres will need to expand to accommodate your changing requirements.

The amount of data that you generate and store will increase exponentially, and you will need to have the infrastructure in place to support this growth.

We can advise on the best solutions to fit with your existing infrastructure, and carry out the installation work required, ensuring that you can continue to grow at the rate you need.

Electrical Services for Data Centres

  • Electrical installation certificate reports (EICR)

    We ensure your premises are fully compliant with national safety legislation.

  • Electrical cabling

    Whether it’s upgrading existing supplies or installing new cabling, we’ll work to minimise the risk of any downtime.

  • Electrical upgrades

    The electrical installation is at the heart of the critical infrastructure, therefore it is vital that this is monitored and maintained to enable an uninterrupted power supply. If this becomes unreliable or outdated, you are at risk of breaching your service level agreements.

Data Centres Maintenance and Infrastructure Servicing

A well-designed environment and expertly-installed components will go a long way towards ensuring the reliability and efficiency of your IT infrastructure. However, professional and preventative on-site maintenance is key to minimise issues leading to costly downtime.

Our team of electricians are experienced in maintaining repairs and carrying out corrective maintenance on your data centre equipment.

Regular maintenance of your equipment reduces the risk of downtime, giving your clients reassurance that you can react quickly and get your IT systems back up and running securely if the worst does occur.


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Our team have experience across a broad range of sectors from large commercial units and data centres to private residences, listed buildings and schools.

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