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As an established commercial electrical contractor with a collective 35 years’ experience, we offer thorough, expert-led Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) to our customers.

Our EICR Service

All of our commercial electricians are thoroughly trained and qualified to carry out inspections and electrical tests to ensure that your installation meets the national safety standards established by the IET Wiring Regulations.

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a document that assesses the condition of a property’s electrical installation. They are a legal requirement for commercial properties, whether you’re a landlord renting out a residential property to private tenants or a business owner with employees in a workplace.

Electrical installations are an essential component of every building and it’s crucial to ensure they are in good working order. That’s why EICRs are carried out every five years, or sooner if necessary.

These important inspections will reveal any non-compliance issues and make recommendations for any remedial work that may need to be done to bring the installation up to standard.

Following the EICR, we can provide an electrical safety certificate for your commercial premises to indicate that they have been tested, certified and found safe.

All commercial business premises need to have their electrics tested regularly to ensure they are compliant – an EICR ensures your electrical devices a is operating correctly.

Why Is An EICR Needed?

Because it is impossible to determine whether an electrical device is operating correctly just by looking at it, an EICR is required to inspect and test these devices to ensure they remain safe to operate.

All electrical installations deteriorate over time and more often than not, have been added to or altered by unskilled and/or unregistered people.

This can cause dangerous electrics and hazardous conditions within your business premises, which not only contravene health and safety legislation but which can pose a risk to human life.

Landlords and business owners should ensure that they keeping up to date with their EICRs and carry out any recommended work in a timely manner to avoid any risks to their tenants or employees.

The Purpose of Our Commercial EICR

The safety of our clients and their business premises is of paramount importance. Our EICR service will ensure that your workplace remains safe by reducing the likelihood of an electrical fire and will ensure that your business remains fully compliant with workplace safety legislation.

  • Identify defects

    Identify any defective electrics within your workspace.

  • Highlight hazards

    Highlight any potential shock and fire hazards.

  • Identify immediate dangers

    Bring to your attention any imminently dangerous conditions and the work that needs to be done to resolve this.

  • Identify other hazards

    Discover any lack of earthing or bonding.

  • Locate overloaded electrics

    Locate any of your electrical circuits or equipment that are overloaded.

Legal Requirements for an EICR

It is a legal requirement to conduct electrical safety inspections in workplaces and in rented commercial and domestic premises:

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989

This requires that employers must ensure that electrical systems within workplaces are safely installed and maintained to prevent the risk of death or personal injury within the workplace. This requires that all businesses conduct an EICR at least every five years.

Landlords and Tenants Act 1985

Landlords renting out commercial and domestic buildings are required to perform an EICR at least every five years on all electronic installations within a property to indicate that all systems have been tested, checked and certified as safe by a qualified electrician.

Landlords must make a copy of the electrical installation condition report available to tenants and their local authority within 30 days, if requested.

It is imperative that you regularly have the integrity of all of your installations monitored and checked in order to reduce the risk of fire.


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