PAT Testing

Portable appliance testing, also known as PAT testing, is carried out on electrical devices operated by hand. This is done to make sure the device is safe to use and won’t cause injury to the person using it.

What is Portable Appliance Testing?

Portable appliance testing is not a legal requirement, but allowing electrical devices to cause harm to anyone in the workplace, staff, customer or guest, will breach existing legislation. PAT testing is a good way to prevent this by keeping your devices in good condition.

This is done onsite, so a professional will come to you and carry out a test on every device operated by hand. While there’s no rule for how often these should be done, regular testing reduces the likelihood of injury or accident. Your tester will be able to recommend suitable timeframes for future testing.

It’s worth remembering that the more a device is used, the more often it should be tested, as this is where wear could eventually lead to damage and then injury.

Why Is PAT Testing Necessary For Your Appliances?

PAT testing is necessary to ensure devices are safe to operate. A visual inspection can discover surface faults, but a PAT tester is needed to analyse the circuitry inside and identify any problems – however, the device can’t tell you anything about the surface. Both checks are needed.

Accidents caused by electrical appliances at work can lead to legal issues, and many insurance plans require regular PAT testing to reduce the risk of these injuries and any resulting problems from them.

PAT Testing Guidance

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 stipulate, among other things, that devices must not cause harm to employees, customers and visitors to a workplace, and PAT testing – while not a requirement itself – is the best way to ensure devices will not cause this harm.

With the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) overseeing and recommending activities and processes for organisations to follow, it’s best to follow the guidance they provide.

How Can Point Electrical Make PAT Easy

Point Electrical has a team of qualified electricians and provides a start-to-end service, testing every device in your workplace to make sure they’re safe. You’ll receive an asset register on completion, so you know when the test was done and when to carry out another.

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