New Builds

The team at Point Electrical are available as an end-to-end contractor for wiring new builds and re-wiring existing properties. This can help make sure the wiring is unique to the building, efficient and energy saving, letting you enjoy the benefits this brings.

Electrical Services For New Builds

Point Electrical are the go to organisation for electrical services on new builds, both residential and commercial properties. From consultation on a project to design and installation, we work best from start to finish, ensuring there’s a thorough handover on every project. We can also be commissioned during a project, too.

There are numerous regulations and factors to consider with a new build property, such as Part L and Part M, and customers need to be aware of these and what they mean. In short, there are more hoops to jump through before and during a wiring project.

Wiring for newbuilds and re-wiring commercial spaces

Wiring for new builds and re-wiring for older properties have many benefits, such as saving energy, installing monitors and ensuring there are sufficient access points. Our experts also many sure every task involving wiring or re-wiring are done to the right safety standards, meaning it’s fully compliant with all regulations and legislations.

Planning when to do the work also matters. On new builds, we work with builders and contractors to identify the most optimal times to complete the work, so nothing has to be undone and there are no holdups in the larger project.

Why is it important you have your development wired by a professional electrician?

Any wiring work should be undertaken and completed by a professional and fully-qualified electrician. This is to make sure there’s confidence in the work completed but also to make sure everything is done to the right standards and compliances.

Our experts at Point Electrical are fully trained and keep up with the latest techniques, practises and tools in the industry, so you know they can be relied on. We understand how dangerous poor wiring can be, and safety is at the heart of everything we do.

Energy-saving technologies

Wiring new builds and re-wiring existing properties have to account for more than the usual mains energy supply. There are new sources and supplies of electricity that can be connected to a property, such as solar panels, and this needs to be accounted for.

Also to remember are EV charging ports, which are a newer innovation that adds more load to any wiring system. Automation systems can also use more power, so there are more factors to think about, even though a lot of these are environmentally friendly and will make savings for you in the long term.

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The team at Point Electrical can help with new builds and re-wiring work, whatever it may be, and make sure everything works as intended. Contact us today to find out more.

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