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Case Studies

LED Lights in Dagnal Baptist Church, St Albans

church lighting installation

Video Transcript:

Here we have another successful installation and design inside a church building here in Hertfordshire. And as you can just see the fittings there, the six round fittings are currently being winched down on their winches, which is a must have because the ceiling heights there are extremely high.

So we’ve got some nice winches there, winching the fittings down so they can be maintained and cleaned at a safe sort of working level there. These fittings are quite special because they were made just for our client here. They are sort of a polo with the hole in the middle or a halo fitting that some people might refer to them as.

And these light fittings have got big and good quality LED chips on the downside. So the area facing the floor area is for task lighting. And also we’ve got some windows made up in the top of the fittings that shine light upwards to the main part of the church here, you’ve got the dark wood ceiling there, so it’s lighting up that dark wood area.

So, as you can see there’s a light fitting already on that’s not been winched down currently in the quiet area there which is currently on and you can see the ceiling there is a creamy colour and that there’s some windows in that fitting also that’s shining upwards lighting up that nice ceiling area as well as giving it the the task lighting that’s required facing downwards for the general purpose of the fittings.

Now these fittings are all individually controlled so you could dim them down individually and create your own sort of scenes and effects.

Also, each fitting has got two channels inside it. So we can control the light in the windows going upwards into the ceiling, as well as controlling the light going downwards for the main area.

So you can play around and create some quite nice little scenes which you can create as presets on your control system if you’d like to, or just leave them on shining up and shining down, everyone is different with their requirements.

So as they’re being winched up, soon you’ll start to see these fittings become illuminated one by one as they engage with the mechanism up high in the winch. And you’ll see when they come on as well, they’ve got a nice, sort of slow or soft dim on which is very good for prolonging the life of the LED chips and the LED drivers inside these fittings.

Also a sign that means these are dimmable fittings and the client can dim these individually or all together however they want to pair them or group them together.

As you can see these fittings or the fitting at the back there is quite a yellowy colour. That’s a 3000k colour temperature also known as more of a warm white and that’s a really nice warming glow inside this side of this building.

As you can see, they’re starting to come on slowly. Nice soft dim up, and the last one about to be engaged. There it is. Beautiful. And that lights up the area really nicely. And the client is extremely happy. So another successful installation from Point Electrical.

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