Energy Saving

There’s never been a better time to seek out the help of an electrical energy saving specialist. Not only can large energy bills cut into a business’s profits, but they can hamper growth and add financial stress when there are other things for you to focus on.

Electrical Energy Saving Specialist

There’s a growing awareness on the importance of climate change, meaning there’s even more incentive to do something about energy use beyond just the cost of your bills. This includes the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that focusing on efficiency and green energy brings, which can do wonders for your brand.

There are also low-carbon workplace schemes and strategies that can help you reduce energy consumption, become more energy efficient and make savings that let you focus on the growth of your business, too. Some have financial incentives to encourage more organisations to join.

What We Do

With our team of experts, we can install a range of electrical energy monitoring systems that are tailored to your needs. This allows you to see where your energy is being used across your commercial property and put measures in place to address it.

We can also maintain systems, circuits and wiring to ensure they perform at their best, as well as providing advice on other supplementary power supplies you may want to consider.

To find out more about options to save energy and what we can do as an electrical energy saving specialist, get in touch with the team at Point Electrical today.

Electrical Energy Monitoring

We install CT’s (current transformers) around circuits for electrical energy monitoring. This is popular in data centers to measure the energy used per data rack, so that a customer can be charged for the electricity used.

We also design and install electrical energy monitoring systems which measure your electrical usage across multiple circuits. This information can be sent, in real time, to an inhouse BMS system, or cloud base dashboard to view the data and show you where energy is being used most.

Alarms can also be set up when electrical circuits are almost over loading, to help deal with potential issues before they become a problem. This can reduce downtime and identify areas of improvement.

Micro-generation and Generating Your Own Energy

One thing businesses are becoming more aware of are the options available beyond a traditional mains electricity supply. In most cases, this is still required but there are ways you can supplement this with other sources of power, through micro-generation and generating your own energy.

This is greener and more environmentally friendly, while also reducing the amount you pay each month. Options include solar panels, wind turbines, battery storage systems and others. As technology advances, more options become available and they are worth considering.

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If you would like to find out more about the options available to help you to save energy and to find out more about what we can do as an electrical energy saving specialist, get in touch with the team at Point Electrical today.

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