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Why Its Important to Use A Professional Electrician for Your EICR’s

Video Transcript:

What is an EICR?

EICRs, also known as Electrical Installation Conditions Reports. Electrical inspection and test of electrical installations, both domestically and commercially. These are reports we carry out all the time in all different facilities. And guess what? There’s a big price difference between lots of different contractors offering the same service out there.

It is a tricky one. I understand landlords don’t really like to spend money on any reports or anything like that. They go for the cheapest. I get that. At the end of the day, they just want a piece of paper to say it’s satisfactory. It’s a moral question, really.

Do you want to pay for it to be done properly, and to our standards, and actually tested and inspected? Or do you want someone just to almost manufacture and make up test results and a report?

You know, that’s down to you, but that’s something we can’t do. No. We want to offer a proper report that’s fair, a report that if it ever came back, that we can stand in the court of law and defend what we have written down, what we’ve tested, what we’ve inspected, what we’ve noted.

Qualified EICR Electricians

You know, that comes down to us at the end of the day. So we’ve got to do an official report every time we do one. So there is a big difference out there between contractors and different prices that they will charge. Just make sure you are getting someone who is actually fully qualified in carrying it out.

That they have the correct sort of indemnity insurance in place for the facility. It’s very obvious to the trained eye of an electrical consultant that we can look and we can see the sort of people who have manufactured and made up test results. It’s quite obvious for us if we go behind other reports. It’s not right, it’s not fair.

If you’re an electrician and you’re watching this and you have been making up test results and cutting corners, please stop it. It’s not good. It’s not good for our industry. We need to change it. We need to raise that bar. It’s so important to do a job properly every time and to our best ability.

Because at the end of the day, it’s an official document that if something ever did come back and there was an issue, then you, the tester, of that, with your name on that certificate, and the QS that’s also noted on that certificate, will have to stand in a court of law and justify. And if you can’t justify it, that’s on your heads.

So please, please, it’s important guys, raise that bar, do proper testing please, and do it to your best ability, and just do it well.

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