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Are All Electrical Contractors The Same?

Video Transcript:

The Difference Between Electrical Contractors

Now a question I get asked a lot is are all electrical contractors the same? Well the answer’s simple, of course they’re not. Everyone offers slightly different services, expertise, experience in what they’re offering.

But sometimes you’ll get the classic one of, well, quote X and Y, they’re very different in cost, why is that, why is there a big difference in the cost, and there could be many different reasons.

Quality Workmanship

Here at Point Electrical, it’s so important to us about quality. So we really drum it into all our guys and all our systems and processes that we cover within the business, that quality is at the heart of what we do.

Everything we do, we’ve got to be proud of what we do. From the design stage of things, to making sure we design a system correctly to the client’s specification to be able to supply and design that spec with the correct products.

To also be selecting products knowing they come from decent suppliers which are traceable with the correct guarantees and warranties that will back them up.

Because at the end of the day, things do go wrong and we do get judged by how we respond.

Work Backed Up with Guarantees

So it’s really important that whoever you use are proper manufacturers who actually do back up their guarantees and warranties and make sure that the contractor will offer that and make sure that you, the customer, are really looked after and pampered, you know, given that white glove service. That’s so, so important.

Accredited Electrical Contractors

Yes, there’s a big difference out there. There are other accreditations as well. We are ISO 9001, which is focusing particularly on quality. That to us is quite important.

There are other ISO numbers out there as well for companies and lots of different accreditations, health and safety accreditations also that can be very different.

So just be very careful when selecting contractors, make sure you are getting the right guys who are fully insured for the works they’re carrying out. And good luck.

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