Lighting Control System

Lighting control systems can be very simple or complex, depending on what you want to achieve. Light switches have been the staple for years, but as technology has advanced, Point Electrical have developed new systems that give you more control over the lighting in your property.

This has the added benefit of reducing your energy consumption and bills. You can also control the mood and atmosphere of a room or property within individual fixtures or areas with the brightness, so you get exactly what you want.

From remote controls to apps, there are more ways to install a lighting control system than ever before.

What is a Lighting Control System

A lighting control system is used to maximise performance and minimise cost. You can measure and control light levels in a room easily, reducing or shutting off lights when they’re not not needed or want to create a specific atmosphere or mood.

This is especially useful in commercial properties where lights are often left on when not needed – or have to be on at specific times and keeping someone around to switch them off isn’t possible. Timers and sensors can be used to great effect, as can remote control options, like apps.

What Types of Lighting Control Systems Does Point Electrical Install?

At Point Electrical, our teams have experience with a range of lighting control systems. We know there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Every building is different and each customer has their own needs, so we’ll work with you to find the right options.

From switches, sensors, timers and apps, we’ll dive deep into what you need and how to make it work. This ensures you get the right amount of control and will be happy with the results.

Lighting control systems for offices 

Lighting control systems for offices often deal with larger spaces with multiple lights. Rather than increase the number of switches, which can be confusing and forgotten, it’s worth investing in other options.

Timers can be used to ensure lights are active at certain times – important if lights have to be left on for a period after everyone has left for the day – however a more useful option is sensors. These can be motion sensors or PIR (passive infrared) sensors, which detect heat signatures and respond accordingly – activating lights when people are present.

This means lights aren’t used when they’re not needed, reducing energy consumption and lowering bills while extending the life of each light fixture.

Lighting control systems for warehouses

Lighting control systems for warehouses are different from other commercial properties. These are incredibly large spaces and good lighting is important to make sure workers can see what they’re doing but also for safety reasons.

Sensors can be a real advantage here, providing illumination where people are present and removing the need to constantly switch fixtures on or off. Motion or PIR sensors work well for this, and will switch off after a period of time to save energy and money.

Lighting control systems for other locations and venues

Lighting control systems can be used in venues, schools, churches and other properties to reduce energy consumption and bills, too. Any large space with a lot of light fixtures shouldn’t have to depend on switches, especially if atmosphere and mood is a part of the appeal.

Timers and sensors can help for responding to people being present, but remote or app controls will give greater control over the lighting levels – even from a distance – and allow spaces to be used in different ways and cater to other needs.

To find out more about our light control systems and what they can do for your property, get in touch with the team at Point Electrical today.


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