Lighting Ideas That Bring a Spark to Your Valentine’s Day

12th February 2020
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12th February 2020 Joshua Gardner - Founder

It’s that time of year again…! As the 14th of February looms, you may be feeling the pressure to put on the perfect romantic evening with your partner or new date. Perhaps you’ve opted for an evening in, complete with a home-cooked meal, a nice bottle of wine and the perfect album playing on Spotify; or maybe instead you’ve booked a fancy restaurant or a movie – but you want everything to be just right when the two of you get home?

Trust us when we say that if you can find the right lighting to set the mood, then everything else will fall into place. Read on for our top tips.

Dim the lights

Research suggests that bright electric lights can be linked to higher stress levels. By the same token, this would explain why dimming the lights can help to create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, allowing you and your partner to feel more intimate. The cheapest way to create a dim lighting effect is to switch off the main lights and plug in one or two table or floor lamps with a nice lampshade. Alternatively, we could help you have a dimmer switch installed for your light fittings, for ultimate control and convenience.

Invest in some coloured smart light bulbs

Smart bulbs are different from your average bulb in that they contain colour changing LEDs. This means that by investing in smart bulbs for your living room or bedroom, you have a range of colours at your disposal. Warm reddish colours like soft pink, orange or purple are great for adding a romantic tint to your room.

Get a fire going

There’s no denying that an open wood or coal-burning fire conjures up a cosy, festive atmosphere. They’re perfect for the cold winter months and for snuggling up close to your loved one. And if you don’t have the capacity for a real fireplace in your home, there’s a range of tasteful electric alternatives that can be fitted. These can achieve the exact same effect without ever having to sweep up any embers.

Hang some fairy lightsFairy lights

These strings of small LED bulbs are a wonderfully cost-effective way to diversify the lighting state of any room, guaranteeing a romantic touch. Fairy lights can be purchased in a range of colours and arranged in endless different ways. This gives you the creative license you need to set the scene.

Put out some candles

Sparking images of romantic dinners, sensuous baths or dimly lit bedrooms, candles are an iconic way of pulling off the perfect intimate setting with the flick of a match. Consider avoiding the potential mess and fire hazard by getting in some LED candles instead. Many have handy adjustable settings, and they will also last much longer than their wax counterparts.

The Ultimate Solution

Having said all of the above, if you want the best of the best, the only true solution would be to have a fully controllable lighting scheme designed around you, your lifestyle and property. Transform your home when entertaining, enhance your living space or simply ‘set the mood’ via a smart lighting control system, such as Lutron.  This isn’t the cheapest solution but is the only true way of controlling the lighting, mood and ambience of your home.

Look to Point Electrical for your Valentine’s day solutions

Hopefully you’re now feeling much more confident about your Valentine’s day plans. At Point Electrical, we are well equipped to ensure that those plans (and any others) are pulled off down to a T – this year, and for years to come. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and we can provide you with a quote, obligation-free.

Joshua Gardner - Founder

Founder of Point Electrical