How to Keep Your Wires Organised at Work

16th September 2019
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16th September 2019 Joshua Gardner - Founder

If you’re finding your workspace dominated by a jumble of cables and wires, our easy-to-follow guide to effective cable management can help you create a safe, tidy and organised space you can be proud of.

Why it’s so important to keep wires organised

Beyond the obvious aesthetic advantages of having your desk space uncluttered by a tangle of messy cables and wires, there are a number of benefits to investing in office cable management:

  • Safety– unruly wires can be a tripping hazard and, over time, wires tangled together can suffer damage to the outer protective layer, leaving them exposed and unsafe.
  • A clean work environment –avoid the dust and dirt that settles on exposed cables.
  • Save time– no more having to navigate your way around cord clutter, and you can save the frustration of tracking and untangling cables when you need to unplug or move something.
  • Save money– instead of replacing devices that fail due to damaged cables, ensure your devices last longer and achieve maximum performance.
  • Look professional– a clean, tidy and uncluttered desk looks much more professional and impressive to clients than one surrounded by a tangled mess of wires.

Wire organisation solutions

Electrical wiresThere are a number of effective ways to get your office wires under control, and there are also a wide variety of products designed to meet specific cable management requirements.

  • Labelling – ensuring every cable is labelled will save time tracking individual wires when you need to unplug something and avoid the frustratingly common mistake of unplugging the wrong machine.
  • Power strip/plug management – if you have cables running from a variety of different plug points and extension leads, replacing these with one large, conveniently placed power strip will help keep wires in one place.
  • Hiding / storing cables –there are a number of solutions for safely gathering and hiding your cables so that they’re neat, tidy and out of view. Cable ties are ideal for gathering cables together, and cable sleeves are perfect for hiding them.
  • Shorten cables – once you have your cables neatly arranged, shortening any overly long cables will help to ensure that they all snuggle up nicely together at just the right length. But do not carry out any alterations if you are NOT qualified to do so.

Handy cable management/storage products

There are some nifty cable management products available that not only help to keep your wires under control, but also look good:

  • Cable sleeves– hide cables discreetly. Zippered cable sleeves are ideal if you want to be able to quickly and easily add and remove cables.
  • Quirky cordlets– adhesive holders you keep on your desk around which you can wind stray wires (USB leads, phone charger wires etc).
  • Cable clips– handy adhesive holders that sit on your desk for your individual computer cables to run through.
  • Velcro straps– for holding cables together.

Contact Point Electrical for a professional cable management solution

If you’re keen to tackle your office wires but have no idea where to start, appointing a commercial electrical contractor is the most effective way of ensuring the job is done quickly, effectively, and safely. Our experts have the skills and knowledge to advise on the best cable management solutions for your space, taking into account your individual requirements, and the latest and most effective storage solutions. Contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Joshua Gardner - Founder

Founder of Point Electrical