Home Automation Installation

Installing Smart Technology to revolutionise your living space

Smart technology has seen rapid advancements over recent years, to the point where we’re no longer just relying on it to transform the way we work and communicate with each other. Point Electricals’ home automation installation expertise helps transform the way your family lives its day-to-day life and how you run your household.

Today’s Smart Homes use automated systems that help you control everything from your lights to your heating, your audio-visual and home entertainment systems, home security, even your window blinds! Whatever your requirements, we can help integrate your home with the latest and advanced home automation technologies.

Our home automation installation services offer increasingly sophisticated solutions to help you run a streamlined, energy and cost-efficient home that, in a busy and tech-savvy world are fully adaptable to meet your modern-day requirements.

Smart Home Installation Solutions

Today you can choose from a wide range of smart home installations to revolutionise everything from the way you power your home and amount of energy you consume, to how you watch TV and listen to music. Some of the most popular smart home installations include:

  • Smart lighting – automated lighting helps you control, pre-set and schedule your lighting settings – so you can schedule your lighting to come on at specific times while you’re away to deter burglars, switch your porch light on as you arrive home, or have motion-sensitive lighting.
  • Smart and automated heating allows you to control the temperature of your home and your hot water settings remotely so you never have to arrive home to a cold house and in turn, save you money.
  • Smart AV systems can give you anything from voice-controlled smart entertainment systems, to integrated, fully synchronised music and video streaming. All accessible via your smart device, with no wiring, and therefore fully portable when you move.

Point Electricals’ Home Automation installation service

At Point Electrical we offer an expert home automation installation service, giving you the convenience of being able to access and control your home in a way that works for your lifestyle. We can install fully controllable electrical systems including lighting, home security, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, all controllable via your smartphone, tablet or remote control.

Our home automation installation service includes:

  • Expert advice on smart home solutions to work for your lifestyle.
  • Supply and installation of the equipment, as well as the devices, sensors, remote controls, cameras – all the components you need to access and control your smart home technology. We’ll even show you how to use it.
  • Design and installation of an audio-visual and home entertainment system bespoke to your requirements, using your chosen activation systems and streaming channels.

Let us revolutionise your everyday

We are not tied to specific suppliers; we only chose the best equipment to suit your needs. Having said that we do sway towards some of the market leading manufactures in the industry such as Lutron and Control 4. Our fully qualified team of electricians can advise you on smart home solutions to work with your lifestyle and budget. We can design, supply and install a wide range of systems to meet your requirements.

If you’re based in Hertfordshire or its surrounding counties and would like advice and a no-obligation quote on your home automation installation project, do get in touch and let us help you transform the way you live your everyday life.


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