Electric car charging points for businesses

As climate change concerns become an increasingly more mainstream topic of conversation, the government’s current target is for all new cars and vans sold in the UK to be electric vehicles by the year 2040. This means we’re going to see more and more electric cars on the roads as we move forward. The smart move for home and business owners is to start preparing for those changes.

The year 2019 recorded sales of nearly 38,000 electrical vehicles sold in the UK. This is a huge increase from the 15,500 sold in 2018, which demonstrates the accelerated interest in electric cars.

What is an EV charging station?

An electrical vehicle charge point, or EV charging station, replaces the petrol pump as the means by which electric vehicles refuel. Rather than filling up a tank, the engine battery is simply recharged, resulting in a cheaper, more energy efficient process. Unlike its petrol tank predecessor, electrical energy results in zero carbon emissions from the engine, making EVs a very attractive, green alternative.

For those who need more persuading, there’s a whole host of benefits that come with opting for an electrical vehicle. At its cheapest, a full charge of an EV engine battery would cost around 96p (for a charge lasting around 100 miles). That’s a fraction of how much it would cost to refill a petrol tank.

Alongside much cheaper fuel costs, there are other huge savings to be made. Fewer moving parts in the engine of an EV means a reduced likelihood of breakdowns – or in other words, lower repair costs. And what’s more, as part of the effort to incentivise the use of EVs, the government has made them exempt from road tax. At this point, it’s beginning to look like a no-brainer.

It’s increasingly easier for EV drivers to find a nearby charging point when the engine battery runs low. However, there’s a very persuasive argument for investing in having your own EV charging point installed at your home.

Electric car charging points for businesses

The benefits for charging your electric vehicle at home seem clear. There’s plenty of good reason for businesses to install EV charging stations too.

Firstly, any business investing in any number of electric vehicles for running operations will benefit from the convenience and money saved from having one or more electrical charging points on site. Like homeowners, having your own charging point means avoiding paying extra costs to charge your vehicle using another business’s charge point.

There’s also plenty of business opportunity in provision of EV charging services. As the number of EVs on the road rises with each year, the demand for EV charging will increase, particularly for EV owners away from their home charging point.

Thirdly, think of an investment in EV charging points as good PR for your business. Endorsement of electrical charging is an endorsement of “green values”, and is one of the most practical ways for business owners to show their support for environmental concerns.

How much will it cost to install an EV charging station?

Because every site is unique, installation costs for EV charging points will always vary. The best thing to do is to contact a trusted commercial electrician who can conduct a survey and give you a quote to work with. In the meantime though, it’s worth knowing that the government has plenty of initiatives in place to incentivise the installation of electrical charging points for homes and businesses. This can go some way towards offsetting costs and making your investment more worthwhile.

There is a government grant available to business owners from 1st April 2020: The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) for businesses, charity and Public authority (with some conditions) provides successful applicants with support for up to 75% of purchase and installation costs, with up to £350 per charging socket, and a maximum of 40 charging points per business.  As Point Electrical is an OZEV Approved installer we can get the grant for your business.

It’s worth considering that schemes such as these are brought in to encourage changes early in the process of transition. Accordingly, they might not be around forever. Most likely, fortune will favour those companies who take advantage of the scheme while it lasts. So, consider jumping on the bandwagon before electrical charging points become more commonplace.

Choose Point Electrical for supply and installation

We employ trusted engineers who are experienced in facilitating the installation of EV charging points, for homes and businesses alike. Our straightforward process is detailed below, step-by-step:

  1. A site survey in which we assess your premises to find the best area for installation and work out overall costs.
  2. A detailed design to ensure the most efficient installation possible.
  3. As an OZEV-approved installer, we can apply for grants on behalf of both domestic homeowners and also for commercial purposes. This helps save you both time and money.
  4. We’ll organise the supply and delivery of the EV charging point itself so you don’t have to.
  5. Installation of your new EV charging station. Once your EV is charged, you’re ready to go!

In the hands of Point Electrical, it’s as simple as that. One of our highly qualified and friendly team can get you started, or just set you on the right track with some advice. Contact us today.


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