Data Cabling and Networking

Point Electrical are specialists in data cabling and networking, ensuring that every business is wired to succeed. It might not sound like the most glamorous task, but it is essential to making sure that your business is connected and able to perform – no matter what requirements you have.

Data cabling connects equipment and devices together, allowing you to complete more tasks and function effectively. This is seen throughout many businesses, from retail to hospitality to IT and many more. Different pieces of technology use different cables, making it a confusing prospect to figure out what you need for which connection – and that’s where our team comes in.

We create networks that can handle everything you need and have room to grow as your business does.

Installing Structured CAT Cables 

CAT cables are one of the most common types of communication cable that connects devices and equipment together. While it might seem simple, there are variations that can affect performance and connectivity. CAT stands for category, and these are used for creating networks and with devices such as phones, printers and other appliances.

Depending on what you need or want to accomplish, certain cables might be more useful than others. The type of network also plays an important part in determining the right CAT cable.

Installing structured CAT cables might seem simple on the surface but the more devices you have, and the bigger the network, can make this a lot more complicated. An expert will make sure you get the right results.

Network Specialist Cabling for Homes and Commercial Properties

The right cabling for networks can make the difference in the performance of any task. Transferring files, processing transactions, streaming media, browsing the web, sending emails and many more tasks all rely on a good network.

Network specialist cabling is important for any commercial property, although some might benefit from faster and more secure networks than others. Our team can help identify what you need from the nature of your business and usage requirements to make sure you get a network that won’t let you down.

Even residential properties can benefit from a good network, as more and more of our daily lives revolve around smart appliances and internet services.

Wired networks tend to be more reliable than relying purely on WiFi access, and the right network cabling will let this, and any other heavy usage activity, run smoothly.

Increasing Connectivity

There are more ways to stay connected each year – and even more devices that benefit from good connections, too. Voice over Internet Protocol devices, computers and laptops, printers – even your CCTV systems can all benefit from good connections and a network that can handle all of these devices and their functions.

Keeping your staff, guests and devices connected means you can keep your business running and performing at its best.

To find out more about how Point Electrical can help with data cabling and networking for your business, speak to a member of our team today.


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