Backup Generators

Having contingency plans can save your business from unforeseen events, and this includes backup generators. Losing power can affect a lot of things, from the systems and technology you need to carry out daily tasks to the lighting – and this can be a safety hazard in areas with little natural light.

While some outages are unexpected, a generator can keep your business running until the power supply returns. Backup generators also help for planned maintenance and repair work that could also disrupt anything your business needs power to do.

What Is A Backup Generator?

A backup generator is a power supply of electricity separate from the mains that a property normally runs on. During a powercut or outage, the backup generator allows electrical appliances and devices to run until the main supply has been restored.

Backup generators can be operated automatically or manually, depending on the generator used, what it needs to power and the situations it may encounter. For a smaller generator, for example, you may want to take the time to switch off any non-essential devices and appliances to preserve the power for more essential needs.

Why Should Commercial Properties Have Backup Generators?

Commercial properties should have a backup generator for a number of reasons, such as being prepared for unplanned power outages. This could happen anywhere and without warning, leaving your business in a difficult situation – not to mention the safety risks it could create. Some areas are more prone to outages than others, and any planned maintenance, improvements or work could cause them.

Any business using infrastructure or equipment that requires power to operate should also ensure they’re prepared for all situations. Data centers, servers, internet access or EPOS are all examples of appliances needed to run in certain situations.

Other industries need different tools, such as those in construction and manufacturing, where machinery and production lines need power to operate. Even shops might need fridges and freezers to keep produce ready to sell.

How Can Point Electrical Help You With Backup Generators?

We offer the whole service from start to finish from carrying out the initial surveys of the site/s through to installation, as every clients requirements are different.

The team at Point Electrical are best-placed to help you with backup generators. From carrying out the initial surveys of the site or property right through to installation, we know that every project is different, so we make sure you get a tailored solution. Contact us today to find out more.


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